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To Pinterest or not To Pinterest?

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Pinterest is an incredible resource for creative inspiration - especially in the run up to your wedding or big event. But can it set unrealistic aspirations? The Fairytale's team tell you what they think!

You've booked your venue, found your perfect dress and your now getting down to the finer details. When it comes to venue styling and putting your stamp on your wedding, pinterest and instagram can be both a blessing, and a curse.

Our best advise is to think out what style you want YOUR wedding to be, not what styles are trending that month on social media apps. If we have a bride who wants rustic wedding, but has boards upon boards of diamonds and bling saved it becomes...confusing lol. Its also important to remember that pinterest often isn't always real life or sometimes even practical. Take the time to think about your venue and and what's going to suit you both. Sometimes you may need that extra dressing to make the room come alive or to create that perfect vision in your head, and for others less is more.

Another important tip is to budget carefully. Have a rough figure in your head of how much you want to spend on the extras, and let us know. We are here to help and we always have alternatives and some pro tips on stretching your budget that bit further.

Book your appointment to come have a chat and a cup of tea with us here at the design house, we promise we can help to unscramble those hundreds of pictures and make your wedding unique to you x

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