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Blending Cultures Into Your Wedding

In today's world we are seeing a rise in couples from mixed religious backgrounds, and the weddings we have created have been nothing short of phenomenal. However in the planning stages couples can often stress about how to please both families by incorporating elements of both their cultures and traditions. Our best advice... Don’t stress it! We have plenty of creative ways to show the beauty of both worlds and keep everyone happy.

1. Talk to your families

This point is probably the most important part in the planning process. You may not even know where to begin planning a multicultural wedding, so advice is essential. Ask your family and friends what they think are the most important elements to include.

2. Have ceremonies to celebrate you both

Instead of one of you having to compromise and have the ceremony largely based on one culture, speak to your venue about holding two ceremonies. We have even dressed some of our brides rooms the night before for the traditional 'Henna party' [see below]

3. Get personal

We love nothing more than helping our brides and grooms express their own styles and interests throughout their day. All too often we have our couples coming in with the same story "we want these colours, in this room, with this style...but we have no idea how to tie it together". Well that's what we're here for, and if you give us the basics, we promise to use our creativity to produce something beautiful.

4. Bask in the festivities

Your big day and the planning process is to be enjoyed. Let your guests capture a glimpse of a world out of their norm by using your decor, food and traditions to bring you all together.

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